Black Ops Lasertag

Black Ops Lasertag is a new style of lasertag game play. This style of play adds a Tactical twist to the sport.Black Ops ...Lasertag equipment is consisted of a replica M4 Rifle, and a Tactical Vest. Players get to feel what it feels like to actually be a player in a first person shooter video game.Games are consisted of squads (teams) that must work together to complete objective based games against the opposing team. Players are able to view stats on their current lives within a game, their ammo, confirmed kills, deaths, and even the accuracy to where they shot opposing players!

Black Ops Lasertag truly challenges people to get off the couch, and play the real thing! Playing a game is one thing, BEING THE GAME is another!

IKI South Africa

IKI KRAV MAGA   is the supremely effective and constantly evolving Israeli Self Defence system – known for its simplicity, ease of learning and devastating power.  IKI Krav Maga is used worldwide by men and women from all walks of life, as well as  Special and other Military units and Law Enforcement agencies. Krav Maga is for you. 

What makes IKI Krav Maga so different to other martial arts is that it is not a sport. The ultimate goal of IKI Krav Maga is your survival against threats or attacks. It is a pure self defence system. The techniques we use are there to protect against incoming threats and attacks and to prevent the attacker from causing any further harm or physical injury to us.

IKI Krav Maga is for YOU, it is developed to be easily learned, easily remembered, easily applied and extremely effective.

Israeli Krav International

Krav Maga – Close Quarter Combat Israeli style

Krav Maga is Hebrew for close quarter combat; fighting for survival up close and personal. The nation of Israel was born in a struggle. Our patriarch Jacob wrestled with an angel in the form of a man. When he emerged victorious the angel changed Jacob's name to Israel, meaning "One who has wrestled with God" and said, "You have wrestled with God and with man and have prevailed." Ever since then the nation of Israel had been fighting for survival.

The ancient people of Israel were a nation of warriors. The patriarch Abraham trained all the members of his household in combat, the sons of Jacob were fierce warriors and masters of the sword. The judges of Israel combined life wisdom with combat prowess; Ehud Ben Gerah was a master of the dagger, Deborah the Prophetess led Israel in battle, Samson slew the Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey. Modern Krav-Maga is but a continuation of this ancient struggle. The people of Israel are still fighting for survival.